It’s A Simple Change

©2015 – It’s a Simple Change

Simple changes at the beginning of a new year can keep your website fresh. The first thing you want to do is change the copyright date at the bottom of your site. If you don’t have one you should add one! This simple change can let users know that you are staying on top of your site and that the information is as current as possible.

That leads me to point number 2. Make sure your content is as current is possible. If your site offers information about trending things, make sure they are what is trending now. If you have a portfolio, now is the time to update it (guilty ours needs updated and we will be doing that soon).

Now is also a good time to be thinking about a site upgrade or site changes. A new year means a new start. Why not kick it off with a brand new website? True it will take a month or more to actually get it up and going, but it will give you reason to contact your clients and let them know what you are doing.

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