My dad always said, “can’t died in a poor house.” That always stuck with me. Did I always live up to it? No. The thought was always there. Basically he was always telling me that if you want something, go get it. You may have to work for it, but it is there to lose. All you need is a little drive to go after it. That’s all anyone needs to succeed, Drive (shameless plug).

Drive Creative Marketing is the idea that people shouldn’t have to settle for clip art creative for business cards or a logo. People should be able to start up their business and market their business, without breaking the bank. The agency should look at the company as more than a means to an end.


Image is everything. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. You wouldn’t go into an important meeting wearing your pajamas, so why wouldn’t you put more thought into your brand? Your brand is what everyone see’s everyday. It’s what people see when you are not around. It’s your website and your brochure, business cards and signage.

We have more people comment on how much they love our business cards. How many people comment on yours?

Are you ready to love your brand again? Contact us and we’ll help.


Drive Creative Marketing is not your typical agency. We do a lot of driving, in the literal sense of the word.  We’re happy to come to you, and we’re happy if you want to come to us. We are a collective of talent that aren’t always in the same place at the same time. We get together as needed to create the best work possible. This style keeps our costs at a minimum.

We partner with others who do what we don’t. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you. We’ll find out the answer for you but, we will be up-front with you all the way through the project.

We may be a little pushy at times. We want projects moving. If they’re sitting then they aren’t doing any one any good. Especially you!

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Tony Schmenk

Tony Schmenk


One creative guy. That’s a good way to describe Tony. If there is one thing that he has learned in the 14 years he has been in the business, it's that you need to keep learning.

Tony got his start in a small print shop in Findlay Ohio and moved on to After5Design shortly thereafter. While at After5 Tony picked up a few web skills that he would add to his arsenal.

Now armed with the knowledge of the web, design, illustration and the ability to make coffee, people knew they could depend on him to get the job done. And get the job done he did.

After four years at After5, he decided to stretch his legs a bit on his own. He spent two years freelancing before he ended up at another agency where he worked his way to Vice-President of Creative Services. While there, he worked on accounts such as Race for the Cure, Palladium Alliance International, American Gem Society, Gross Electric, Jewelers for Children, and countless other retailers across the US. Tony worked on everything from print, video, social media and web while in this position.

Then there was Drive
After being in one place for eight long years, it came time to part ways. Going back to his roots, he decided to create an agency that was based on what kept him going, drive. Drive Creative Marketing is a full-service agency that runs on the principles that hard work and a fair price is what everyone deserves.

Adrian Lilly

Adrian Lilly


Adrian is a multi-talented writer and editor. He has written professionally for universities, museums, governmental agencies, corporations and the film industry. He has been published internationally and has interviewed individuals from senators to corporate heads to pop stars.

As a public relations professional, Adrian has secured millions of dollars in local, state, national and international media attention for clients. His strong writing ability, honest and direct approach to pitching and “can-do” attitude are a formidable combination.

In his 10 years in marketing and public relations, he has worked on many projects from inception to completion, including websites from design to launch, radio and television commercials from script to on-air, and buildings from groundbreaking to grand opening.

On the side, Adrian has directed two short films and co-directed a feature length independent sci-fi comedy, which earned him a reputation for making children cry and young women bruise themselves, but only for the good of the art. He enjoys writing screenplays, novels, poetry and short fiction. While living in Milwaukee for four years, he was president of the Wisconsin Screen Writers Forum, Milwaukee Chapter, and led workshops on screenwriting at film festivals.

Adrian also is dedicated to his community and volunteers his time to youth groups, historic preservation and environmental initiatives, the arts, and human rights organizations.

Bob Mullen III – Mullen Brothers Jewelers


Since our site launch we have produced enough profit from online sales, that the site has more than paid for itself.

We pride ourselves on being a brick and mortar store, but welcome an occasional online sale. Our site was looking a bit tired and was not mobile friendly so we knew it was a time for a make-over. Tony was very helpful in redesigning our site, maintaining the feel of what Mullen Brothers Jewelers is and making sure all of the features we wanted were integrated. Since our site launch we have produced enough profit from online sales, that the site has more than paid for itself.

Thanks for all of your help.